ÜBERDOG was inspired by my dog and best-friend, Tyson in 2006.

The motivation to create a super-dog playcare occurred during one of the countless business trips that I had taken for my other life in Corporate America. I had always been skeptical of leaving Tyson at a kennel as I couldn’t stand the thought of dogs being crated alone for the better part of a day with no playtime. I would actually drive 2 hours out of state to bring Tyson to my parent’s house where I could rest assured that he would be happy and safe while I was away. I knew that I could build a better place for dogs and dog lovers alike.

After a year of brainstorming with Tyson to figure out what dogs really want, ÜBERDOG was born. And the mission to create a community for dogs and enthusiastic dog owners was successful.

While Tyson has since passed, the inspiration and drive behind ÜBERDOG continues to thrive to this day. First-time visitors wonder why they ever took their dog to any other kennel or daycare. We pride ourselves on selling and using eco-friendly products from grass-roots businesses as well as striving to embrace our local community and charities. Our trained employees, who we call “Wagologists”, make sure every dog is safe and having the very best time. Health, well-being and community involvement are all things that we value.

It’s amazing, the joy that a dog can bring into your life. One thing is true, like us, every dog has a journey… ÜBERDOG’s promise is to fill every journey with health, happiness and adventure. I hope to see you and your dog soon!

Dan – Owner of ÜBERDOG