2006 – 2019

Make and Model – Yellow English Labrador Retriever

Favorite Hobbies – Swimming, Chasing Squirrels

Hi there! My name is Tyson and my Dad owns this place. His friends call him Dan O’Brien, but to me he’s just Dad…

Back in 2008, my Dad was working countless hours in corporate America and I spent most of my days staying home alone and restless. As an energetic Lab, I needed my exercise and socialization. My Dad finally came to his senses and began taking me to Doggy Daycare.

Unfortunately, many of the Doggy Daycares that I went to weren’t really fun. We had limited playtime, small play areas and some of the places were just plain dirty. Not my idea of fun at all!

After having a little talk with my Dad, he realized that I needed a more active, social and healthy environment where I could play with my friends all day long and get that necessary exercise that I required. A place that my Dad can come and watch me play if he wants! A place that answers the million-dollar question…What Do Dogs Want?

He said, “Tyson, you deserve better…Every Dog Deserves Better!”