At ÜBERDOG, our mission is to create a stimulating, safe and healthy environment that fulfills your dog’s desire to romp and interact with friends. It is a place where busy dog owners can rest assured knowing that their furry friend is having the best time ever while they are at work or away from home.

Our core values are health, well-being and community involvement. We proudly use and sell eco-friendly (green) products as well as make every effort to help protect the environment. We strive to embrace our local community and give back to charities that are dedicated to making the lives of dogs better.

We know that your dog’s favorite place to be is at home with you. When life gets in the way, ÜBERDOG provides your pooch with the next best thing.

What is an ÜBERDOG?

An ÜBERDOG is symbolic of a “super” dog that is searching for more cage-free adventure and fun in their lives. They enjoy unlimited playcare within our customized groups, devised with his/her interests in mind. ÜBERDOG provides a blissful and spotless playcare atmosphere for your pup so you can rest assured knowing that they will be pampered when checking in to playcare or our luxury hotel exclusively for four legged guests!

Is your dog an ÜBERDOG?