*Multiple Dog Discount– 25% off passes for each additional dog from the same household!!


(All overnight accommodations include a full day of romping in one of our Playcare Groups)

Single Dog Suite – $44 (additional roommate $33)

Luxury Dog Dens – $55 (additional roommate $40)

* Rates are based on a per night basis with pick-up time before 12:00 pm.

* After 12:00 pm all guests will be charged for an additional half-day of Playcare

Please download our Registration and Release form.


Before joining one of our über-Playcare groups, your dog will receive a free 1-day playcare pass and be required to participate in a complimentary evaluation to be sure that he/she will do well in the group environment.


1 full day – $30

5 day pass – $140 ($28 per day)

10 day pass – $260 ($26 per day)

20-Day Pass – $460 ($23 per day)

Unlimited Monthly – $390

Half-Day – $20 (7:00 am – 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm)

*A mid-day break time is available to our guests to assure they do not overtire.