When I first came here, I wasn’t very comfortable playing in large groups because I have always been really shy. With all of the individual attention that I get from the trained Wagologists, I’ve made so many new friends and just can’t wait to come back to play! I love coming to ÜBERDOG!!


I love coming to ÜBERDOG because everyone is so friendly. The facility is always clean, the staff is professional, and everybody knows my name! It is also nice when my parents buy me something cool from the ÜBERDOG store. There are always new and exciting and fun toys for me to play with!!


I come here because ÜBERDOG is so easy for my parents to get to. Because ÜBERDOG’s hours are meant to accommodate both me and my parents, they drop me off every day on their way to work. I can’t wait to jump out of the car and go play with all of my friends in ÜBERDOG’s huge indoor/outdoor play areas!!


My parents like to travel a lot. So when they have to leave me, I come to vacation here at ÜBERDOG’s Exclusive Hotel. I just love their spacious suites, but my favorite is the Luxury Dog Dens. I get a comfy plush bed, a special treat every night and even my own TV with-dog friendly movies to watch!! The best part is, I always get to play all day when I’m checked in as an overnight guest… it’s included!!